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Fishboards are surfboards specially designed for small waves, which give you increased wave yield and make it easier for you to fly over weaker sections. They combine retro elements with modern performance aspects and offer you a unique surfing experience.

With a fishboard you can feel the flow of the wave and train your cutback skills. These surfboards embody the ease of surfing from the 70's and have been further developed with modern adjustments into high-performance machines. They offer you the perfect combination of performance and retro style.

Here are some reasons why you should buy a Fish Surfboard:

  • Increased wave yield: Due to the special design and the wider outline of a fishboard, you can gain more energy from the wave even in small waves and enjoy longer trips.
  • Easy to fly over weaker sections: The Fishboard allows you to fly over weaker sections of the wave effortlessly as it offers good gliding ability due to its wider shape and increased volume.
  • Retro style and flow: With a fishboard you can experience the fun and ease of surfing from decades past and move with the flow of the wave.
  • Training opportunity for cutbacks: The maneuverability and easy turning behavior of a fishboard allow you to practice your cutback maneuvers and further develop your surfing technique.

A fishboard should be present in every surf quiver as it opens up new possibilities and enriches your surfing experience. It is a great complement to other surfboard models and gives you a wide range of uses, especially in small waves.

In our online shop you will find a wide range of Fish Surfboards that meet different needs and preferences. Have a look and find the perfect fishboard for you.

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