Flexi-Hex - the transport packaging for your...


Flexi-Hex - the transport packaging for your surfboard

The Flexi-Hex transport packaging for your surfboard offers you several advantages. It protects your surfboard from damage during transport. Protect your surfboard additionally in your boardbag or use it as an upgrade to make your daybag safe for flying. Whether for surfing, SUP surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or bodyboarding, Flexi-Hex pays off in the medium term by saving on annoying board repairs. Flexi-Hex packaging is available in different sizes for surfboards, longboards, windsurfboards and SUP surfboards. Please take into account the length of your surfboard and select the appropriate number of cardboards. The Flexi-Hex cardboards are reusable, easy to recycle (paper) and an environmentally friendly solution. Please note that a Flexi-Hex packaging cannot replace a kiteboard bag, windsurf bag, surf bag or bodyboard bag. Heavy moisture can destroy the cardboard and make it unusable.

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