GATH - Helmets for water sports enthusiasts...


GATH - Helmets for water sports enthusiasts and surfers.

GATH is proud to be chosen by top athletes and recreational surfers around the world as their protective helmet for water sports. Our test lab is the ocean, the sky, the snow. Our test pilots are sport extractors in almost all ACTION air-water sports.

Since 1988, GATH's has been developing impressive sports helmets and achieving impressive safety results. If you want the lightest, best fitting helmet on the market, built to last, with a practical balance of impact protection and excellent performance, do what the best in the world do, choose our GATH helmets.

Over the years, GATH has built a reputation for developing a range of innovative WORLD LEADING sports helmets that excel in the most extreme sports and weather conditions. Gath helmets are quality products with good value for money, in fact many of the original GATH helmets are still in use after more than a decade, well beyond their intended use to this day. For 20 years, GATH has received feedback from grateful customers that their GATH has saved them from serious head injuries and even saved their lives.

Today, the team at Gath strives to provide the best possible product quality and customer service. Gath puts a lot of money into development ,to continue to present innovations and constantly improve the proven helmets. Whether windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing or wakeboarding. With our helmets you are on the safe side. We also offer a wide range of accessories for the Gath helmets.


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