Neoprene Hoods

Neoprene bonnets are indispensable accessories for water sports enthusiasts who want to practise their sport even in cooler water temperatures. Temperatures below 11 degrees Celsius can cause brain freeze, which can be not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. Therefore, it is important to protect your head and face from the cold water and wind.

Our high quality neoprene hoods are specially designed for water sports enthusiasts and offer excellent thermal insulation and fit. We have a wide range of surf bonnets in different sizes and colours to ensure you find the perfect bonnet for your needs.

Whether you're into surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing, a neoprene bonnet is an essential accessory for any water sports enthusiast who wants to be active in cold weather. Invest in a high quality neoprene bonnet and enjoy your favourite water sport in any weather condition!

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