Surf Leashes

The Legrope, also known as the Surf Leash, is an essential accessory for your surfboard. It is designed to prevent the loss of your surfboard, especially in challenging conditions such as high surf or strong currents.

When you're in the line-up and need to let go of your surfboard, for example during a wash or wipeout, the Surfboard Leash will help you get your bearings. The cuff, which is attached to the ankle, is easy to grip so you can quickly find the right orientation. The surfboard acts like a buoy to help you find your bearings and get back to the surface.

The surf leash is attached to the ankle with a Velcro fastener, which is why it is also called a legrope. This provides a secure and reliable connection between you and your surfboard.

It is important to choose a good quality surf leash that fits the size and weight of your surfboard. Make sure that the leash is well-made and has sufficient length and strength to withstand the stress.

In our surf shop you will find a selection of surf leashes in different lengths and designs. Choose the right legrope for your surfboard and make sure that you are always safely connected to your board.

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