Surfganic Eco Surfboards

SURFGANIC ECO SURFBOARDS - Eco-friendly sustainable surfboards

We at Surfganic Eco Surfboards only want one thing! To shape you a perfect travel companion eco-friendly Surfboard that guarantees you an incredible time in and on the water. A Magicboard that is tailor-made for your weight, size, ski level, your future goals and the waves you want to surf with it. The great thing about our surfboards is that they are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way in Germany. We build your Eco Surfboard handmade in Germany.

We have limited our supply of our main products to regional suppliers, because environmental protection is very important to our company and plays a central role. We only use organic / eco epoxy and high quality materials. Due to the high quality materials and the high quality processing in the vacuum process, we get the maximum out of the materials we use. Due to the longevity of our boards, we achieve great results when it comes to sustainability. Surfganic Eco Surfboards handcraft is our passion

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